Anonymous: Recently applied to the University of Alabama. I'm hesitant to go there because I really want to be in a sorority and heard that most sororities tend to find more in common with other southern girls and therefore northern girls have a difficult time getting into the sororities. I understand that this may be a touchy subject but I was just wondering the amount of northerners in your specific sorority/ if there is difficulty getting recruited as a northern girl

Hi! First of all, so excited you applied to the best school in the world! To address your concerns, I can firmly say that the state you come from will not affect your rush/sorority experience here. Over half the girls in my sorority are out of state, and a good percentage of them are from up north. I know you will hear this a lot and many not believe it, but trust me: it’s all about your resume and personality! Girls will love you no matter where you are from, I promise you that. I really hope you pick Bama and choose to rush! :) xoxo

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Anonymous: so this is super creepy but alex speight is my cousin and i saw you commented on one of her facebook pictures and realized i follow you on tumblr, small world! :)

haha that is a small world, I’ve known her forever!

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